Driving growth of SMEs

Through the power of their financial data

In this age of data, African SMEs are behind in utilizing their financial data to spur their potential, making them lose access to the world of opportunities that data presents.

For instance, over 84% of the 22 million small businesses in Africa identify access to finance as a significant hindrance to their growth; mainly due to the lack of collateral and reliable financial data to prove their creditworthiness.

Also, most SMEs do not keep digital records that provide insight into their business performance leading to decision taking on guts instead of data.

  • No Records
  • Pen & Paper
  • Excel
  • Accounting apps

Our Approach

Over a two year period, we’ve gone across all regions in Ghana empowering small businesses with digital tools

320 enterprises

We worked with over 320 enterprises, providing them with a suite of digital tools. 40% are women-led enterprises

175 associates

We trained 175 accounting and finance professionals who work with the enterprises to provide further onsite support

$2.5 in Incremental Revenue

Assisted enterprises generated over $2.5 million in incremental revenue over the period.

$480,000 in finance

Assisted enterprises have so far mobilized $480,000 in finance from financial institutions, and investors.

500+ Direct Jobs

Assisted enterprises have provided over 500 direct jobs.

Simple Mobile & Web App

And most importantly, we understood the motivations for record keeping among SMEs and built a simple app that suits their motivations

Our App

Simple web and mobile application for record keeping and direct access to lenders.

Invoicing on the go

Send invoices to your clients and monitor their payments, anywhere, anytime

Instant Digital Account

Get a digital account that receives all payments made on your invoices. You can use the same account for paying off loans directly

Direct access to lenders

Give our lending partners on the platform direct access to your account to prove your creditworthiness. Save time and cost!

Business Insights

Understand your business better with insights and reports generated in the application.

Connect to an Associate

Since 2016, our associates across the country have helped business owners like you understand the numbers behind their businesses better.

Our Partners

Our journey has been made possible by the support of our able partners

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